Before a Meeting

It´s easy to plan meetings effectively by; clarify the purpose, choose a location, identify who really needs to be there, create a agenda, choose meeting time and set a time limit and distribute the agenda so members will be prepared.

The Meeting App connects with the Calendar, Contacts, Mail and Maps on your iPad.

The Meeting App connects with iPad apps

Set date, create Event
Add Attendence from Contacts
Send agenda and invitation
Choose meeting location

During the meeting

You have various tools to take notes; handwrite, type the text, create a mind map, record video, import pictures or record audio.

To ensure effective execution, you have a layout to close a meeting with an action plan and delegate action items to individuals and identify them by pressing the @ sign. You can set a due date for the item and send an email to notify the individual. br

You can share meeting notes as PDF files.

Tools to use during the meeting

Voice Memos

After the meeting

All Actions list summarizes all action items developed during the meeting and makes it easier for you to follow-up and check progress and ensure that tasks are taking place as agreed.

The Meeting App

Free$0/moTotally free.
No credit card required
Manage and take actions before, during and after each meeting. Access to almost all featuresGet started for freeDownload from app store
Pro 1 month $ 1.99 6 months $ 9.99 1 year $ 14.99 Through an in-app purchase monthly or $19.99 a year
The Meeting App Pro does not allow advertising and offers more great features, including the ability to send the agenda as a PDF file so members will be prepared and to check action progress and ensure that tasks are taking place as agreed.