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2015 Weekly Planner 8x11 bound

Layout designed to get things done

1. A diary section
An overview of each day of the week for the whole year
Diary entries should be limited to tasks that you are going to finish at a fixed date and meetings you have booked on specific dates
That needs to be finished by the end of the week
Every unfinished task, e.g. phone calls, e-mail, paperwork and errands you have to run, that you cannot complete immediately or tasks that you have not found the time to deal with
3. Goals and projects
Goals and projects you are working on this week
Write down all goals and projects that you have committed yourself to deal with during each week. This category includes all the goals and tasks that require more than one step to execute
4. Projects delegated
Overview of the tasks that you have passed on to others
Review the tasks at hand at the end of meetings and conversations and wirte down what has to be done, when and by whom
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An elastic closure
Month-at-a-Glance pages
Values and goals setting pages
29 pages for note taking
An Elastic pen loop
Action Day offers an ideal for use business and personal organizer. Diary sections, tasks to be completed and a delegated projects section are laid out to most efficiently record, organize and get things done in your business or personal life. A thread bound Action Day’s planner offers 8x11 pages for outlining and accomplishing your goals: Planner - 8x11 bound. In addition to diary and task areas, this personal organizer offers twenty-nine pages to deal with your meeting notes. The hard cover is held by an elastic band to protect your goals, ideas and notes
Lee Galloway(San Diego, CA United States)

After using a calendar I designed myself for my work for the previous 20 years, since nothing else that I've ever seen had what I needed, I found this. It is the most awesome life and work organizer I have ever seen (for those who prefer physical paper type objects).

Changed my life, May 16, 2014Read more reviews
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2015 Weekly Planner 8x11 bound

5¼ x 8¼ (13x21 cm)
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